Do you have an interest in participating in cancer prevention research that examines the barriers and facilitators of health eating, physical activity, and self-care in patients after breast cancer diagnosis? The Carson Research Group at Moffitt Cancer Center is conducting the SHINE Study to better understand factors related to health behaviors, and whether nutritional consultation improves healthy eating knowledge and self-efficacy among newly diagnosed breast cancer patients compared to a control group. Participation may include completing 2 surveys and attending a nutritional consultation or interview. Participants will be compensated between $50-$100 for their time.

To be eligible you must (be):

  • A woman newly diagnosed with breast cancer and not yet undergone surgery or treatment.
  • Have no scheduled surgery or treatment during one-month study.
  • Age 21-75 years
  • Able to read and speak English


If you are interested in participating, give us a call at 813-745-0916 or email to see if you may be eligible.